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About Us


Culturally Yours Int’l is a (501C3) non- profit organization. Founded in 1993, in Omaha, Nebraska. It strives to preserve cultural heritage by giving children from different backgrounds a platform to express and share their customs and traditions. It also donates food to the poor living within the United States and overseas.


Culturally Yours Int’l continues to grow its public recognition, its teaching opportunities and its performance opportunities. The company offers educational programs under the CYI name; to schools and increasing the number of workshops around the Houston area. CYI has seen especially African American children inspired by their heritage, excited by the opportunity to participate in cultural events, dancing and learning about different continents.


It is our belief that by meeting the highest philanthropic standards for operational quality, integrity, and accountability, we can work toward making donations as effectively useful as possible. We accept donations from individuals. Families, organizations, businesses, trusts, and estates.


Our vision is to ensure African fashion and dance, plus other cultural art forms thrive and grow, both artistically and professionally, by exhibiting presentations from various countries around the world including India, China, Thailand, Kenya, Uganda & Congo.

Our mission is to generate resources through donations, volunteers and community partners who are passionate about preserving cultural heritage and helping the less fortunate to realise their hopes and dreams while building an audience that appreciates cultural diversity.

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  1. We believe art is fundamental in forming a community.

  2. We pursue excellence—nurturing individual brilliance and authenticity

  3. We realize that sound financial management enables growth; we aim to provide the conditions that support our dancers and staff in achieving this goal.

  4. We commit ourselves to constructive and compassionate communication when amid conflict.

  5. We find joy in working together, creating beauty, and being.

Each donation is an essential help which improves everyone's life.