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Culturally Yours Int’l believes that every child deserves the chance to a second chance. We strive to make a difference in children’s lives, especially those who are less fortunate. CYI has been supporting the children of Majengo / Pumwani in Nairobi Kenya since 2007. Over 50% of the population in this area live below the poverty line and parents are unable to sustain the education of their children. We have educated six children, with 2 ending up in medical school.

It all starts with your choice to act instead of looking away. You meet a need and that starts a chain reaction. Families break free of poverty, begin to work toward a better future and become open to spiritual renewal. Your action has the power to transform a life, a family, an entire village; we appreciate donations from all around the world as we help one child at a time.

By improving the education of children through dance, we create opportunities for the youth intending to prosper them, providing these resources through our performances, we help the needy children emerge with a better future and are more prepared to work and increase economic growth.